Tips and Tricks at your gala

we understand that one of the most important goals as a
non profit is that you need and want to make as much
money as possible for your Non Profit Organisation!
A successful EVENT means better sales and that means
more money and promotion of your cause.
We believe at DM auction services that in order to have a
successful Non-Profit event there’s a couple of NON
We are going to answer 3 questions that we get asked all
the time, when it comes to creating the best and
successful fundraising events!


BEFORE you even think about running an event, you must
have a financial goal, and a financial budget.
It’s so important to make sure you have a financial goal.
Knowing how much you want to make, and we mean the
actual number, with give you clear FOCUS in achieving it.
When it comes to making money in your event it is
important to give as much information as possible to your
You need them to know exactly what you are doing and
whom you are helping and how much money you want to
raise for your organization.
Another imperative funding thought is to have a budget of
how much you want to spend on your event.
Realize the difference between spending and investing
and what is going to bring you back more money in the
long-run, In the next question being answered we will give
you tips on investments that will make your Non-Profit

Event Management
Your venue is one of the main parts of the fundraising. It
can create a successful or unsuccessful event. You need
to create a fantastic and perfect environment for all.
Imagine yourself as the customer when you take vision of
your event.
Consider the amount of people you are wanting any your
event and make it a comfortable place for all.
The space needs not to be not too big and not too small.
Choosing a space too big can make it hard for people to
connect, therefor no networking. If your space is too
small- everyone feels claustrophobic and uncomfortable and
they won’t want to stay.
Making sure the food is amazing.
Even if you are going with simple finger foods, make
sure you have presentation and you are understanding of
all diets. Giving options, obviously you can not please
everyone, but trying to be as considerate as possible. The
thought goes a long way. If you are going to be serving
alcohol make sure you do, and make sure you don’t run
out of either. People feel like they have been considered
in the thought process and thats an emotional connection
which can trigger future wanting to invest in your Non


Whether you choose a live or silent auction, it’s so important.
This is the money making of your event.
Consider the auction to be where the majority of your money is
going to come from, so it needs to be your main focus. When it
comes to spending money this is where you need to invest!
You need to invest the money and the time into making sure the
auction is a success. This is huge. When it comes to the Auction
you need to focus on 2 elements.
The prizes need to be relevant to your audience. You need to
make sure that the products you have are what they want.
YES they are buying for charity but people act on emotion so you
have them on the charity but auctioning something that they
want to buy will really get the sales up.
However what more important than the action prizes is who is
the person promoting them and making the sale.
Investing in THE RIGHT auctioneer is going to bring you sales,
which therefore makes a very successful event.
You need to make sure your auctioneer is a people person, they
can control many different ranges of people and keep everything
interested. You need an auctioneer that understands non profits
and knows how to work the crowd.