Must Have DM Travel Information You Should Not Travel Without!

Travel is all the buzz right now as the world slowly starts to return to normal, but there is still a lot of conflicting information out there.  DM Travel stays on top of the ever-changing travel guidelines that may impact your summer vacation. 

Let’s start here in the U.S.

Over half of the United States is fully vaccinated now, so people are scrambling to set up summer vacations.  The hot spots right now are beach destinations!  People are flocking to the amazing summer beaches across the U.S.  Some locations around the country are “more normal” than others right now, so it will be interesting how the Memorial Day holiday crowds are in these locations. 

There is also a lot of push for vacations in the Rocky Mountains, Montana and some cooler spots for summer break.  If you jump on airline websites, you can already see a difference in price.  The airline prices will only go up from here, so if you are planning on flying I would get those reserved sooner rather than later.  Many airlines still offer no change fees when you book, so you can always go back and look for cheaper prices later. 

“Just go see all the beauty in the world!”

What about traveling abroad?

This is where things get tricky… It all depends on what area you are trying to travel to what the guidelines are, so we will break it down for you!


The EU is expected to approve and open travel to it’s 27 member states for vaccinated Americans this summer, but no date has been set.

South America

Some countries are open and some are not yet, so if you have a specific destination you are looking at then you want to look into that location further.  Most do require a negative COVID test to enter. 

Mexico & Caribbean

Mexico has opened to tourists, but many still have restrictions in place and still require a negative COVID test.  Most of the Caribbean islands are open as well, except for the British Virgin Islands & St. Bart’s because they are subject to the guidelines in Europe. We should have more information on those islands soon when Europe finally opens travel in the coming weeks.  


            Canada is still closed and not yet open to non-essential travel.

**We will send out more updates in the coming weeks as these all change with the WHO guidelines.

Keep up with the latest by clicking here: Latest travel information

Important advice before taking that trip!

The biggest piece of advice for upcoming trips is to keep in mind that you MUST adhere to the policies in place and while we are way ahead of the world in vaccinations, we do not have “Vaccination Passports” or really any sound direction as to how that would even work.  The United States still has a policy in place that you must have a negative COVID test to re-enter this country even if you are vaccinated! 

While we are getting back to normal here in the United States, be mindful of the fact that this is not the case across the world, and it will take some time for them to catch up.  If you plan to travel abroad be SURE you are well aware of the specific situation to your destination and assume nothing. 

DM Travel is here to help with any questions or concerns as we navigate travel life moving forward.  We pushed back expiration dates on existing trips and we are substituting domestic trips for international trips where people are not yet comfortable, but still wish to travel.  We work with each traveler to be sure they have a thorough understanding of the requirements in and out of the country. 

DM Travel is important to the fundraising process because it allows us to have our people take care of your supporters directly.

Now get out of the house because life is short and the world is wide! 

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