Merchandise: Incremental Opportunity for Fundraising!

Put yourself at an event with your drink in hand walking around taking in the cause and vibe. You want to give something to this amazing organization and then you see these tables of amazing merchandise. This just pushes you over the edge and you bid on several items because in the end it is all going to this cause you support.

The scenario above is the exact reason you need to not only have merchandise on tables at your event, but you need be strategic in what is on those tables.

DM Auction Services’ main goal is to provide support to each non-profit in every aspect of their event, so that in the end they keep as much money in their pocket as possible.

What sets DM Auction Services Consignment Items Apart?

1. Convenience

a. We deliver the items, set them up with professional lightning, stands and mannequins.

b. When the event is over and you are exhausted because of all the fun, we break down any items that didn’t sell and take them away.

2. Authenticity

a. There are three major third party companies that are the best. PSA, Beckett and JSA that we look for when we are purchasing this memorabilia.

b. We do research and keep in contact with companies that are hosting signings for your favorite athletes, movie stars, etc. We know that when we buy from them these signatures are real.

3. Profit Sharing

a. Many companies still take a consignment cost and then split the profit with their non-profit, but with DM Auction Services you buy it and then any profit over what you purchased it for goes 100% to your foundation.

4. Variety

a. It is very important that your silent auction items reach as many of your supporters as possible. So, DM Auction Services to work with you on what sports teams your supporters lean toward, how much money has been spent on these items in the past, etc. It is extremely important you speak to your supporters to raise as much money as possible. Our people are trained to know what to look for and how to maximize off the items you provide.

b. It is also important no matter how great items did in years past you don’t keep using the same inventory. Your supporters will get bored and not spend as much.

5. Visual

a. As we head back into the in-person events, it’s hard to draw eyes to a gift card on the auction table. Memorabilia, purses, watches, etc. can catch eyes from across the room and bring someone to the auction table that might not have seen any of the items at all.

b. This is where the professional lightning, stands, and mannequins come into play.

Type of items you can pick from or choose for your auction table
There is a variety of sports memorabilia from signed footballs, helmets, jerseys, etc. of your favorite player. There is also an abundance of movies and music memorabilia to choose from to add to your table.

Purses add so much value to a silent auction with a selection from Lux to Daily purses to purchase. A full breakdown on the purses we offer is at this link:

Watches and jewelry are also VERY popular gifts that are a feel good purchase and they are also great gifts. As we head into the holiday season, your supporters will be thinking of gifts while perusing your auction table.

College football lovers will eat this next option up! Find your favorite collegiate football themed baskets to add to your silent auction.

You can also have wine baskets, dog baskets and make it seasonal depending on what time of year you host your event.

The biggest take away is when you are looking to purchase additional items for your auction table think about the bottom line. Make sure you avoid going with a company that will want to split any profit with you once the event is over.

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