How You Can Still Raise Fundraising Dollars During COVID

The quick rise in COVID-19 cases because of the rapidly spreading delta variant has caused great concern for the fundraising community.

Should you still keep your events or reschedule? Do we move it to a virtual fundraiser? These are all questions running through the minds of organizers all over the country. DM Auction Services is prepared for every curveball thrown by COVID to help non-profits reach their end goal, raising money. 

“We can’t control the virus, all we can do is help organizations pivot and continue to make money. They have to make money.”

Dean McCurry, Owner of DM Auction Services

Dean McCurry, owner of DM Auction Services, wants to make sure every non-profit has the tools needed to keep going in these uncertain times. He has created a master platform to help in whatever direction each individual organization decides to go in over the next several months. When COVID first started to change our normal environment back in 2020, DM Auction Services pivoted with flexible technology to meet any event type based on the organization’s requirements. 

Event types:

  • In-person events
  • Virtual event
  • Hybrid events (Combination of in-person & virtual)
  • Re-schedule to a later date

Kayla Aalbers, who supports each individual organization and runs the mobile bidding department at DM Actions Services, will hold any organizations hand every step of the way. She says, “I provide printed materials as guides to the process, bidding instructions and I am always available to answer any questions. The night of the event we have concierges available for all the guests and a help desk.” The support and technology are there to help an organization make money whether it is virtual or in-person. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming and DM Auction Services makes sure of that. 

What does the night look like if it is virtual? 

Kayla will help set up the mobile bidding for your supporters and put together easy reading materials to get them all signed up. When you login and get registered, you will see all of the silent and live auction items that you can bid on before, during and after the event. When the event goes live a video screen will pop up within the screen and you will see the hosts, any guest speakers and Dean while he is doing the live auction. It is all right at your fingertips. The goal is to make things easy and for your supporters to still feel involved in your cause.  

Travel is a huge moneymaker for non-profit organizations at events, but with all the different rules and regulations around the world is it still raising money? Our DM Travel Expert and Agent, Allison Haynes says despite the uptick in cases people are busy “planning” for when this is disease is truly gone. In the meantime, they are still planning domestic vacations.  Plus, DM Travel allows non-profits to skip the middleman on trips to add to their line up and work with Allison one on one to make sure their supporters are taking care of from start to finish. Right now if you add trips through DM Travel there are no expiration dates until further notice on the trips. The goal is to make sure the patrons/donors get to travel and we know things are constantly changing. 

There is no wrong way to go right now. Trust your gut. You can still bring in record revenue from virtual events. DM Auction Services had several virtual events in 2020 that broke records over their in-person events.

If you love the party and want to keep it in-person that will work as well because DM Auction Services just did an in-person gala for 550 patrons and set new records for them.  

Dean’s advice is to watch the delta variant stats and come to a conclusion that is best for your donors. 


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