Focus on Teens

by: Keith K. Price, President of Focus on Teens The Eric Nadel Bash is a very important event in the life of our small charity, Focus on Teens. We have two events yearly, One in Dallas and one in Ft. Worth, each to help subsidize our work in these two areas. A new approach was entertained and tested at our Ft, Worth event in early 2018: an auctioneer. We had never attempted this previously, but revenue is critical and any possibility that adds to this is welcome. It was an unparalleled success!!! So, We did it again on May 18, in Dallas, and tripled our auction revenue. Again, for a charity our size, these dollars are critical to funding our work with homeless adolescents. Allow me to say, COmParatively, the dollars raised are proportional to any major charity event undertaken by anyone. For example, On the Ft. Worth revenue alone, we will be able to fund the charity … for a year. We are small financially but our reach is enormous. Just as important to the revenue is we love Dean McCurry and Kayla Albers. We are looking for excitement, a “one-stop shop” for the operational and administrative side of things and some money. With DM Auction Services, we get to turn the key and collect the money. As the head of this charity, I seek individuals who will cover the bases, execute the strategy, and give us the proceeds. With Kayla and Dean–and their team–we get this consistently. I might add, Dean and Kayla will be our partners for a very long time going forward. I gladly recommend DM Auction Services; our charity partner for the life of this agency.