DM Travel Continues to Bring Record Revenue for Non-profits

There are a lot of questions in the world of travel these days, but DM Travel has you covered every step of the way.

Don’t let uncertainty get in the way of discovering the world, enjoying luxury travel deals, and living life to the fullest. We provide amazing packages to add to your next fundraising live auction with peace of mind that your supporters will walk away with an great experience.


We are setting records at each event with our unique and vetted travel destinations. We can read the crowd and, in some instances, take one trip and sell it multiple times. This brings in even more money for your organization. Here is a list of some of our hottest travel destinations as we head into 2022:

1). Turks & Caicos:

            Getaway for 5 nights to pristine Turks & Caicos. Enjoy your own private villa with a pool just steps from the infamous turquoise waters of Turks & Caicos. In the evening, stroll through town and have dinner at the numerous restaurants nearby. For beach lovers, Turks never disappoints.

2). Mallorca

                During this 5-day experience, experience the Crown Jewel of the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain. Enjoy your own private 4 bedroom villa with views of the island. Walk the streets of the downtown area along the coastline and view the amazing architecture and local markets. Take a half day boating experience to see Mallorca from the sea. A trip you won’t soon forget!

3). Tuscany

 A true authentic Tuscan experience. Spend 7 nights in the heart of Tuscany, in your choice of 3 charming Italian villas, all of which include a delicious welcome canape offering, a local Wine & Cheese Tour and a Cooking Class and meal for 6 with a local Chef. Tuscany is all about the wine, the food, and the wonderful people and this experience brings all those elements together.

4). Kentucky Bourbon

Spend 3 nights in a 2BR Private Residence in beautiful Lexington. Tour and taste 4 of the nation’s finest Bourbons including Woodford, Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, Wild Turkey, Bulleit and many others. Relax at the beautiful Kentucky Horse Farm soaking in the Bluegrass countryside.


Get ready for some brand-new packages to kick off the New Year! We have created a magical Grecian Holiday package for 2 people. You will travel to the “hot spot” of the Mediterranean with the first stop in Santorini and then head over to Mykonis.  We have a couple new domestic packages for those of you that would rather stay state-side. We are adding a Cape Cod package and a Sedona package. Make sure to ask us about these if you plan to use our services for your 2022 fundraising event. 

Does this New COVID Variant effect any of these packages? 

Travel has picked up and there is little concern domestically. Most people buying international travel with the intention of using it in the future and we offer 2-3 years to travel for peace of mind for your supporters. 

Important advice before taking that trip!

The biggest piece of advice for upcoming trips is to keep in mind that you MUST adhere to the policies in place and while we are way ahead of the world in vaccinations, we do not have “Vaccination Passports” or really any sound direction as to how that would even work. The United States still has a policy in place that you must have a negative COVID test to re-enter this country even if you are vaccinated! 

While we are getting back to normal here in the United States, be mindful of the fact that this is not the case across the world, and it will take some time for them to catch up. If you plan to travel abroad be SURE you are well aware of the specific situation to your destination and assume nothing. 

DM Travel is here to help with any questions or concerns as we navigate travel life moving forward. We pushed back expiration dates on existing trips and we are substituting domestic trips for international trips where people are not yet comfortable, but still wish to travel. We work with each traveler to be sure they have a thorough understanding of the requirements in and out of the country. 

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