Dean McCurry Auction Services has provided auction and event services to many organizations and causes who opt for sports themed events or golf tournaments as their fundraising event. We would be honored to work with your charity or non-profit organization to create a fun, successful, and profitable sports event!

Many of the services provided for sports are similar or the same as the services provided to other fundraising events such as galas, but there are some distinct ways to cater to your golfing, hunting, or fishing audience. Check out the rest of the site for a full list of services, value-add products, and event perks to add to your tournament. But, we want to highlight a few here that make DM Auction Services a GREAT choice for a Charity Fundraising Golf Tournament or Hunting/Fishing themed event!

From our guest, Cody, “Our member committee for our annual Member~Guest event employed Dean and all were impressed by his professionalism and ability to engage the crowd. If we ever have the need for an auctioneer there is the only one we will use and that is Dean McCurry.”

Benefits of Auctions with DM Auction Services and Mobile Bidding Technology

All Day Bidding – The Mobile Bidding Technology allows you to bid anywhere, and anytime (including prior to and following the event if preferred). This is especially useful during a golf tournament, where you have a captive audience for more than five hours. They bid while they play. They bid while they wait. Your attendees can bid all day long!

Sponsor Recognition in Every Pocket – Your sponsors want recognition, and with mobile bidding, that’s easy and effective. You can add more than twenty sponsors and links to their websites, right on the Qtego app. Every time your attendee clicks to see the products and check their bids, they see the sponsors.

Licensed Charity Auctioneer – It makes a difference. Learn more about the legal requirements and the benefits of a licensed auctioneer by clicking here.

Support Team on Site – Support before, during, and after your event means a streamlined experience and a team of people to support your guests, give technical support, and keep the auction updated.

Up-Sale with Raffles and Mulligans (for Golf) – Upon check-in, attendees can opt to make their additional purchases of raffle and mulligan tickets, all through the mobile bidding system, and purchases can be applied to their credit card easily at the end of the day.

Trips & Memorabilia – We have items customized for your event and your audience. Customized auction items will increase revenue and provide the WOW factor to make your event stand out!

We have trips, amazing experiences, sports-related collector’s items, hunting and fishing expeditions, custom themed paintings, and much much more to make your event one of a kind.

Sports & Entertainment Memorabilia –

Dean McCurry Auctioneer Services partners with reputable, sports memorabilia providers in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex.

    • All items are certified authentic
    • Best consignment prices available
    • Items are chosen based on demographics of attendees at your event
    • Multiple items can be sold
    • A huge attraction for silent auctions
    • Products for everyone- from movie & music lovers to sports fans!

LeaderBoard Electronic Signage – LeaderBoard brings a “WOW” FACTOR to your tournament! Electronic signage at registration displaying player pairings and promoting sponsors; LIVE RESULTS during the awards banquet.

Live Scoring utilizing handheld devices.

Live Leaderboard and LED Signage on the course, in the clubhouse and online.

LeaderBoard Air Cannon. A great way to raise money on the course and entertain your guests.

AV Services to make sure your crowd can see and hear all the excitement going down!