Why offer travel at your fundraising events?

It’s easy… Travel is one of the largest revenue generators for nonprofits! A common challenge among nonprofits is the ever-increasing revenue goals, which is exciting, but also stressful. Adding travel to your charity auction can not only alleviate some of the stress but also help you stand out from the competition. This is one of the many reasons why DM Auction Services has added DM Travel to the list of services we offer to our nonprofits. We wanted to simplify the process for your bidders and make it more enticing to buy trips at your auction. Who wants to deal with the middleman? No one, so we cut them out! DM Travel is just an extension of our policy “One Stop Shop” and provides a direct relationship with the organizations we work with and their patrons. As well, our Auctioneers have sold these vetted trips and split several times, so they have insider information that can help close the deal! DM Travel is set up to search destinations that will sell at charity auctions based on demographics of the audience. We do the research for you to bring in the most money! We want to give nonprofits the peace of mind knowing that DM Auction Services will provide complete travel services from one source and direct services to our clients. We don’t just stop after the event is over! We guide them to enjoy the experience they imagined when bidding at your fundraiser. Are people even buying trips right now? Folks are ready to travel! The vaccine roll out and the hint of life slowly going back to normal has people itching to get out and experience life. Right now, we are at a record pace of trip sales! We have sold 93 trips in the last 45 days!! Check out our brand new luxury all-inclusive destinations your bidders will go crazy for at your auction!

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