Why Do Auctioneers Talk So Fast?

Why do auctioneers talk so fast? Well, it really isn’t as fast as it seems. They is keeping up the intensity with efficiency and clarity.

Auctioneers create their chant in a rhythmic monotone as to lull onlookers into a conditioned pattern of call and response, as if they are playing a game of “Simon Says”. The speed is also intended to give the buyers a sense of urgency: BID NOW OR LOSE OUT.

Every successful auctioneer has created their own style and chant for bid-calling that is most comfortable for them personally. My go-to phrase when in the heart of the moment is, “Bid it at… I got….” There are my go-to filler words.

What are Filler Words?

Filler words are used by auctioneers that basically make a statement or ask questions while adding rhythm to the chant. It keeps up the urgency of what we are selling. They help us to keep the party going, but also allow us to look around the room and connect with the bidders. So, these filler words are part of our “song” that we can’t execute without really paying attention.

What Kind of Training Do You Need?

I did not spend my whole life as an auctioneer, but you do need to have some training to succeed at the end goal, which is raising money for the cause. Also, each state has different qualification.

In Texas, you have to receive a state license. How do you get that? You must go to Auctioneer School for 80 hours. In Texas, there are several schools to choose from, like America’s Auction Academy, Continental Auctioneers School, Heritage Auction Auctioneer School, and McLennan Community College Auctioneer Academy.

There are many more, but those are a few to start with if you are researching. Another resource that you can tap into what you can find online. YouTube has several videos that help you develop your own chant, and then practice makes perfect. I know it may seem weird, but practice in front of the mirror and with you family and friends.

The Night of the Event

I’m always very excited the night of an event. I don’t get nervous because of the 10 years of experience, but I do make sure I warm up before each event. My warm-up is some rehearsal in the shower or the car on the way to the event. This helps me to build my excitement, which is important. If I am not excited, how do I expect the audience to have fun? When the audience is having fun, they spend more money. If I feel like I need a little extra boost, I find a private area at the event where I can do some sample bidding before I go on state.

My favorite part is the stage! I love interacting with the crowd! Sometimes, I’ll jump off the stage to get closer to the bidders. I feel that being all on the same level, the bidders are more excited, which generates more money for the organization. I love seeing how happy and organization is after a successful evening. It makes it all worthwhile and cheers to the next event!

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