The Importance of Guaranteed User-friendly Technology at Your Event

Even prior to the pandemic, auctions were undergoing a transformation. Cell phones have become such an intricate part of our day-to-day lives, so the need to incorporate them into fundraising events became vitally important.

Remember those paper bid sheets?

You can go ahead and throw those away and spend more time with your guests! Mobile bidding has changed the game of silent auctions in the past few years. Not just any mobile bidding technology works, so keep that in mind. You want to make sure you have a solid technology with few hiccups, a helpful concierge staff that handles the headaches or slip-ups before you go live.

Pandemic Worries…

The past year has added a whole other layer of stress when putting together a fundraising auction. No in-person events…what? How do you raise money? The good news is our bidding technology is really a one-stop shop. You can sit at home and stream the event on your phone and bid at the same time. This makes the mobile bidding technology that much more important. You can reach organizations’ entire databases instead of being limited to just those that are attending the event. As the world starts to open back up again, more and more organizations will start to have in-person events. The mobile bidding will allow even guests in person to bid during the entire event instead of just limited to a few hours. All of these advantages have proven time and time again to raise more money for the organizations.

What technology do we use?

We use a bidding technology called, “Qtego.” They really pioneered the mobile bidding technology and they continue to lead the industry in the mobile bidding software. It is user-friendly, customized graphics are available, it is simple to use and it is immensely powerful for every organization. When using Qtego, you are able to see all of the event information in one place. All of the important details your guests need are just a fingertip away.

• Time & Location of the Event

• Silent & Live Auction Items

• Instabuy Multi-sale Items (Wine pull, raffle tickets, etc.)

• My Activity (Where the bidder tracks their bids/purchases)

• Donations

• Items with No Bids

• Live Stream if it is a Virtual Event

This makes your event more efficient and the greater the efficiency the more profitable for your organization.

What Happens When a Problem Arises?

We all know technology isn’t foolproof, so my main job is to pay attention to detail and help work with an organization to make it as seamless as possible. Most of the problems we have seen are solved by knowing what type of phone a bidder is using. Each phone is unique to some issues and my job is to help iron those out. For example, if the problem is with a bid that was placed in error, that is taken care of with the bidders’ phone number and item number. You continue to enjoy the event with your guest and I handle fixing any issues that pop up.

How does Qtego work for individual events?

As you get ready for your event, each guest is provided with a link to register their phone or they can register their phone on –site. They will then receive a text with a link to the QLINK bidding site, which is not an app. Once they are registered, they can place bids on the silent auction, purchase items such as raffles, wine pulls, etc. They can also make donations, preview the live-stream and take part in the Live Stream Auction Event. If they are outbid a text is sent to them, so they can choose to up their bid or move onto something else. Once the event is closed, they receive winning messages for items won and a final link to their receipt.


Director-Support Services

Kayla Aabers

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