Technology is Taking Fundraising to the Next Level

Technology has leveled up fundraising over the last several years and in this post pandemic world it is even more important. DM Auction Services is dedicated to being one step ahead of the changes in technology to help you raise more money for your organization.

We’ve talked in the past about what type of fundraising we use and how it can benefit your fundraiser. You can find that breakdown here.

Using this technology is essential for fundraising events because it allows your supporters to start bidding days before the actual event itself. So, you no longer must deal with the long lines at your event to get people registered. How? They pre-registered when your silent auction opened, so they do not need to do anything else to be ready for your live auction. This streamlines registration and checkout on the day of the event. The easier it is for your supporters the more money and more fun they will have honoring your cause.  

How is easy is the pre-registering process?

The process is as easy as clicking on a link! Your supporters will receive a unique link assigned to your organization and from there they just enter their name, mobile number, and credit card. After they have put in that information, they will receive two text messages with a link to the bidding webpage. Once they are in the bidding site, they can bid on silent auction items, purchase multi-sale items, preview live items, and make donations. Then once the event is over and you have closed the silent auction, receipts are sent to guest phones.

It keeps everything clean and buttoned up and we handle all of it! 

What do we need to do as an organization ahead of time? 

Once you start working with DM Auction Services as a new client, you will receive a packet of information from me with photo instructions, spreadsheets for item upload, guidelines, sample letter to be sent to your database and technology setup form. Our technology director, Kayla Aalbers, will meet and train your group. Also, leading up to the event Kayla will be available by phone, email or zoom to answer any questions or concerns at any time.

The main takeaway for any organization is to not fear the technology but realize the benefits. The benefit…it helps you raise more money!!! The technology is so user friendly and allows you to have the bidding open for longer than just a few hours on the night of the event. You can also tap into your entire database rather than being limited to just attendees, so the opportunity for more money is endless.

There are many additional avenues of fundraising that increases revenue on top of technology. We offer entertainment, raffles, games, silent items, live items, etc. 

We are seeing more in-person events and non-profits are realizing greater revenue going into this Fall and 2022. This is exciting news as 2020 was a challenge for many organizations to achieve their financial goals.


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