Fundraising Auctioneers & Consulting More Important Than Ever

A new report on America’s nonprofit fundraising industry suggests it is on the verge of a revenue crisis.  It says that a staffing shortage could affect millions of people in a multi-billion-dollar industry.

“Giving is the lifeblood that nourishes the work of nonprofits in this country”  –Derric Bakker, President of Dickerson Bakker

The nationwide survey was conducted by consultancy firm DickersonBakker and the report says, “a severe shortage of qualified fundraisers could seriously affect donations.” The report goes on to say fundraising staff turnover is a major problem with positions described as a “revolving door” among long-time fundraisers across the country.

“Quality fundraisers are vital to keeping these organizations healthy and growing.” –Derric Bakker, President of Dickerson Bakker

Hundreds of millions of lives each year are impacted by the resources provided by nonprofit organizations.  When nonprofits experience challenges it has a domino effect down to the people who need the help the most.  Pre-pandemic charitable giving totaled nearly $450 billion dollars!  Now with the demand for talented fundraisers at an all-time high, it is imperative nonprofits maintain an adequate workforce to raise the resources necessary to help the people they serve.  The North Carolina-based agency’s report said, “recruitment will almost certainly only get worse as the economy improves post- pandemic.”

You can read more of what the national survey found:

Fundraising Auctioneer & Consulting Importance

This means nonprofits need to be more creative and efficient when recruiting fundraising help. DM Auction Services navigated the past year digging into what is monumental in event success. The team worked hard to do the dirty work for nonprofits, so more of their time can be spent on helping people. 

Fundraising Advice from DM Auction Services:

  • Technology – Make sure you find an auction service that can help handle every aspect of your event.  Registration, Volunteer training, mobile bidding set up and support, audio & video, etc.
  • Auction Items—You must provide quality merchandise for your supporters to bid on, but this costs money.  Work with auction services that can help find donations and pull from their services to help you get popular items your supporters will love for minimal cost. 
  • Raffle sellers & Entertainment – The more fun your supporters have the more money you will raise.  If your fundraising staff is low, then finding an auction service that provides raffle sellers and entertainment helps you check off essential boxes without a lot of manpower.

This is no doubt a challenging time in the nonprofit world, and we need to all do our part to help lift the burden.  The main goal is lending support, so if you want DM Auction Services to lend support to your nonprofit fundraiser just go to our website to see if we are the right fit.

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