Eye-opening Advice for a 2021 or 2022 Fundraising Event

Dean McCurry Auction Services

What a year??? Many nonprofits rely on galas, auctions, golf outings, and other fundraising events to bring in the majority of revenue for the year.In the age of COVID-19, most in-person events were canceled and the uncertainty of when this type of function would return was unpredictable.

Our team worked around the clock to develop a “new normal” to find safe ways to minimize financial losses for our nonprofit partners.As I type this article, I am happy to say that because of prevalent vaccine distribution we are moving more and more toward in-person events.

Summer – Fall 2021 to 2022

If you are hesitant about what you should do for your fundraising event as we head into the summer to fall this year, here is some advice.

I would plan on in-person events while practicing caution. Keep tables farther apart, bring an indoor event outside if possible, have a hybrid auction to help with the uncertainty of the pandemic. We are not medical scientists, so we cannot predict what impact COVID will have moving forward. The decline in COVID cases and the vaccine progress sets up a positive path toward normal. Make sure to keep your patrons’ input front and center. Ask them what they are comfortable with and make sure you use an auction company that can support whatever avenue you and your patrons feel comfortable with for the event.

All signs point to YES people are ready to get together again, they are ready to travel (more on this in our previous blog), so we can start to slowly plan those fundraising events in-person again! 

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