“Thank you for helping Firehouse with a successful first auction!” –Tamara

“Dean and his team did a great job at making our Big Dreams gala a success.  Dean’s auctioneering skills helped the live auction part of the event go better than expected.  Dean and Kayla were a great resource before the event helping our staff finalize trip packages that sold for more than we expected.  In addition to the live auction, Dean did an excellent job getting the entire crowd involved in supporting The Concilio through selling raffle tickets and fun games.  Overall it was a great night with a nice return.” –SW

“I gladly recommend DM Auction Services; our charity partner for the life of this agency” Read more… —Keith Price

Dean was EXACTLY what our organization needed to take our annual Fur Ball to the next level in regards to profit. He and Kayla worked really well together with our team to make this the most successful Fur Ball. We quadrupled our profits from last year. Kayla made sure that check-in was seamless and organized. Dean led a fabulous live auction that got the crowd engaged and raised a ton of money. We had a couple rare items that we were nervous about in our live auction and he blew us away by raising more money for them than we anticipated. Thank you Dean and Kayla for helping us make the 2018 Fur Ball a grand success!!!

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to you and your team of auction professionals at Dean McCurry Auction Services. You helped us take our fundraising gala, Valor Ball, to a level that we did not think was possible in our first year. You gave us strategic advice about how to make the most out of our Silent and Live Auction opportunities. You were generous with your time and your information at our planning and wrap up meetings.  And, your team was responsive to our many questions and changes as we got closer to our deadlines. We love the Qtego software and online bidding, as did our guests. Thank you again and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Sincerely, Valor Charity Events Committee, Supporting LightUpYoLive.org


On behalf of Eric Nadel, Brad Sham and Chuck Cooperstein, and the three children’s charities we raised money for at this year’s Talk of the Town, I can’t thank you and your team enough for the great work you did for us.

Bottom line: We increased our gross revenues by more than 50%; it was our highest-grossing event since we began this event, in large part because of your team.

You brought some great live auction packages to the table and did a great job of selling them for top dollar. Kayla and her crew were simply amazing from start to finish – getting the online auction up and running so we could pre-sell items, running registration and guest check-out, and giving us volumes of post-event data that helped us analyze how we did and where we can improve next year.

For one-stop-shop auction services – auctioneer, back-office team, technology, etc. – you’re the best in the business. We look forward to another successful Talk of the Town in 2019!

Karen Cooperstein

“Dean,  oh my God it was phenomenal. Your son’s music was the bomb. People are asking request he was regularly and happily able to play the songs. Some came over sat around and listen to him for hours.

The barbecue was the best we’ve ever had. The sausage was unbelievable. It was not greasy perfectly cooked. The beef was of high quality and very tasty. The baked beans or spicy but not over-the-top. Everybody loved them.

Well worth the price of admission. Thank you so very much.” –TJ Kroehle, referencing the BBQ experience purchased

“Mr. McCurry definitely understood how to manage our 600 guests and kept them interested in our fundraising while having fun. The bottom line is Mr. McCurry and Ms. Aalbers are a joy to work with, they minimize the amount of auction tracking and accounting that we previously performed manually, and we raised 5 times the money we raised in 2017. We have already contracted for next year.” Read more... –Dr. Frank Allen

“It is my pleasure to recommend Dean McCurry Auction Services to anyone who is looking for the premier auctioneer in the DFW area. From the first contact, I was blown away by the one on one attention Dean gave me in helping with our Auction, which is our largest fundraiser of the year. If Dean was all you got you would be getting a deal, however, you also get his amazing staff, such as Kayla Aalbers, who can help you with any questions you have on how to run a successful event. Besides the amazing customer service, before, during, and after the event, DM Auction Services also utilizes incredible online auction bidding through Qtego. I would highly recommend Dean McCurry Auction Services and his team to help you take your next auction/event to the next level!” – Chris Connaughton

On behalf of Second Chance Haiti I wanted to thank you for the wonderful support staff, assistance and work y’all poured in to make the event a success! The support team was beyond helpful and we are beyond thankful for DM Auction Services, we are so happy to have y’all be part of the Second Chance Family. Best, Jen Brigham

” A simple thank you is not enough to express our gratitude for your services at our 25th Anniversary Legacy Dinner & Auction in April. We raised a new record amount and are so grateful to you, Kayla, and your entire team!” Read More…

“Good afternoon Dean, On behalf of the AWARE team and HAS Events, thank you for a rousing Live Auction!

Again thank you very much for a lively and fun auction! Looking forward to working with you again.” -H. Sneed

“Good Afternoon Dean, I hope this email finds you well!

DCAC is so grateful to you for your help with the 2017 Aim for Advocacy auction!  Last year’s event was our most successful yet with over $160,000 raised to support the mission of the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center—we can’t thank you enough for helping to make that possible with a fantastic live auction.

I am reaching out to see if you might consider returning to be the auctioneer again at the 2018 event?  This year’s tournament will take place on Friday, August 24th at the Dallas Gun Club and have roughly the same timeline as last year.  We anticipate another great day and feel that your expertise would set us up for another successful year.

Thank you again for serving as the auctioneer at the 2017 Aim for Advocacy clay shoot–Our team really enjoyed working with you!  We appreciate your consideration and hope to have the opportunity to work with you again!

My best, Ellen”

“Thank you so much for your help throughout the year as we planned our silent and live auctions. We especially thank you for leading our most successful live auction! We expect to see an increase in our net proceeds which benefit the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program, and we are grateful for your contribution.
I also want to express our extreme appreciation to Kayla and Dustin. Kayla is so knowledgeable about both the mobile bidding platform and our existing auction software. She is the main reason we were able to make this transition so seamlessly. Shawna and I truly enjoy working with her and we are grateful for her instruction and guidance. Dustin’s experience is evident through his proficiency and his ability to hit the ground running. Your entire team, including spotters, is both professional and pleasure to work with.” Read more. 

“Dean, Kayla, Tyler, Dustin & team,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You helped make last night’s event one of our best ever!  The rain added a level of complexity, but Tyler & Dustin did an outstanding job despite the difficult working situation.  And I so appreciate all of Kayla’s attention to detail and help in getting the auction set up perfectly!  We truly could not have had the results we did without all of your hard work, professionalism, great advice, and very popular trips!

We had a little bit of slowdown when all the guests were on their phones during the height of the silent bidding.  But overall Qtego was well received and led to higher prices for many of the items. Again, thanks for all you did and we look forward to working with you next year!”

“Seriously, look no further! Dean McCurry Auction Services is exceptional, and I highly recommend them without reservations. I first had the pleasure of seeing Dean in action when I was a guest at The Children’s Fund Gala in Houston, TX. The Children’s Fund Gala is a grand affair, and Dean did a spectacular job of raising a huge sum of money for the important work that this group supports in our community.

I have attended many auctions for schools and nonprofit groups over the years, and Dean is better than anyone I have ever encountered at what he does. He is skilled at reading and responding to the crowd. He is highly professional but persistent in bringing the top dollar for the groups he is working for during their live auctions. The Qtego technology that he uses for silent auctions is also amazing and makes the entire process easy and efficient for everyone.

So, when the small nonprofit organization that I founded was going to hold our very first fundraiser, I reached out to Dean to help us with our event, and I am so glad I did. Since this was our first fundraising event, I was not sure what to expect. Dean, and his wonderful assistant, Kayla, did a great job of supporting us throughout the process, and I relied on their knowledge and expertise. They were highly responsive to our questions, met with us by phone or in person when needed and provided us with everything we needed to make our event a success. They really went above and beyond, and our event was successful beyond our wildest dreams.

It was a true pleasure working with Dean and his team. They utilize the latest technology and are professionals who will work hard to help raise money for your fundraising cause. Quite simply, they are just great people who are positive, encouraging and fun to work with from beginning to end. You will not regret your decision if you hire Dean and his team!”

“Phew! We are just now taking a deep breath and wanted to get back to you with feedback on our experience with Dean McCurry Auction Services.  I know we spoke on Monday, but I wanted to put into an email all our collective thoughts to be used for future events.

Kayla & team – Wow. they were amazing. so easy to work with, so willing to help – made the weeks leading up and the night of run so smoothly. Really enjoyed working with Kayla- she was so quick to respond to any request we had and was always so upbeat and enthusiastic with any request / problem / question. Probably one of the best vendor experiences i have had in all of my various fundraising experiences.

Qtego software – we loved the switch!! the software, the procedures in place to support and the actual user-interface was fantastic.  our guests had great feedback for the system and I will definitely encourage future chairs to keep with this program.”

(Regarding BBQ/Music Event) “Dean,  oh my God it was phenomenal. Your sons music was the bomb. People are asking request he was regularly and happily able to play the songs. Some came over sat around and listen to him for hours. The barbecue was the best we’ve ever had. The sausage was unbelievable. It was not greasy perfectly cooked. The beef was of high quality and very tasty. The baked beans or spicy but not over-the-top. Everybody loved them. Well worth the price of admission. Thank you so very much.”

“Hi, Dean!! Everyone had a great time and we are thrilled with the results! I don’t have the breakdown but in total, we raised $295,000 with both the silent and live auction so nearly $100,000 more than last year.” -Katie

“With Dean’s help, our first event was a success and we look forward to a future partnership with him.” Read More

“I will not hesitate to use your services for our next event and look forward to more record-breaking events! Thank you so much…” Read More

“Dean, I just wanted to say thank you for a job well done Saturday night. You were great at keeping us on schedule – if it had depended on the food service, we would have still been there on Sunday. As far as I can tell, there were no problems with check-in, or out, or with the live auction. The spotters did really well and you were great at getting prices up as much as possible. And to sell Italy 3 times went beyond expectations.

The whole evening was a tremendous success, and you played a very large role in making it that way. Thanks for everything.”

Auctioneer Dean McCurry and his team led an exciting live auction which included fantastic trips…” Read more

“I was initially impressed with Dean’s knowledge, professionalism, and excitement of auctions. What totally blew me away were Dean and his team’s dedication to our auctions great success!” Read more

“Fabulous job last night and had many compliments as well as a lead for our services! They had never used a system like that and it was flawless……Thanks for your professionalism!”

“It is with great honor and excitement, that I want to endorse Dean McCurry and his team. These folks are THE Anti-Stress! Everything about the signing in process was seamless, stress free, and encouraged
you to relax and enjoy the event.” Read more

“I have been involved in a charity for 6 years raising much-needed funds for our wounded military. We had absolutely no idea what we were doing in the beginning, but have learned from trial and error over the years. We have a cocktail reception, wine pull ( the easiest $ made – donated wine, COMPLETELY sells out ) seated dinner, speakers along with inspiring videos to SHOW the need, LIVE and SILENT auction items ( now using the mobile bidding system Qtego ), and live entertainment… I took over the job of Auction Chair 2 years ago – BUT – with the stipulation, to the Board of Directors, that I MOVE the Gala to a larger venue and HIRE an auctioneer! We are a 501c, so many thought that spending more money would minimize what we could give to our designated charities. ( I personally was horrified to take this leap because of all the “what ifs ” that could happen !!!)
MY First-year stats – I moved the event to a hotel ballroom and DOUBLED the number of supporters and guests ( SOLD OUT ! ) I hired Dean McCurry as our auctioneer and took the amount of money raised from the previous auction $24,000 to $ 112,000 !!!!! Does he add value to an event ?!!!!!!!!!!
MY Second-year stats ( August 26, 2016 ) – I had the weight of the world on my shoulders to take the Gala to the next level! I wanted MORE wow! I personally paid for an AV company to come in and dazzle the room and audience! SOLD OUT weeks before the event! The AUCTION total – $ $170,000!
Would I use him again? I WON’T Chair an auction without him !( and the Board wouldn’t let me !!) Does he ADD VALUE? He ELECTRIFIES an audience! He is funny, entertaining, connected, determined and 100% committed to raising top dollars for the cause! I laugh when I say that people get so wrapped up in his presentation of items, that they bid on items they don’t even want !!! TRUE STORY !!! Over the past two years, Dean and his team have suggested and implemented NEW ideas to “Give for the Good ” and unique/quality auction items. He has resources that few others have to bring in wonderful items that make the auction appealing to ALL! I have had to secure a separate room for the items because our inventory continues to grow and each year we have sold EVERY PIECE !!!! The mobile bidding system used by him is Qtego which allows guests to view each item from their phone, bid and receive instant updates to their position in the bidding war ! You never have to leave your seat and check up on your status! This system allows a CAPTIVE audience to focus on the GOAL of the event- raising awareness to the charity and funding its needs. BRILLIANT !!!!! Dean has a top-notch, professional team that MAKES the tedious, exhausting task of executing a charitable event almost easy ! Kayla, a gift from God, guides you through the technical side ( with the patience of Job). The ring-men are constantly engaging the guests in raffle sales (this year we raffled a TRUNK OF LIQUOR -ALL donated – and raised over $10,000 !! ) and the assistants answered/ helped with all questions. Check out is simple, quick and painless !! We literally have NO complaints from our guests. Dean brings a new dimension to an auction! He steps on stage with fanfare and instantly the room is electrified! He always starts with a “game ” that involves/ promotes participation from all ( $20 or up – again, Qtego ) and from there, he has you hooked! The LIVE auction items are well researched and pictures/ videos are shown while bidding is taking place ….. You know what you are getting! He will also ( if allowed by company or donor ) sell multiples of that item! If a trip is being bid on, and several people are bidding, Dean will stop and sell that item at the highest price to ALL bidders! He can make a ” basket of hand lotion ” sound exciting and a MUST HAVE for a $1,000 !!!! He also has a list of celebrities that jump at the chance to help/work with him which adds another level of entertainment and excitement to the event! He knows the RIGHT people !!!
Our next event is August 25, 2017, and we have already secured Dean.( He is very much in demand and it is best to lock him in early ! ) I have been told that people look forward to our event just to see what he brings/does NEW for the evening! I would not change a single thing he does because he works for the GOOD OF THE CAUSE! We are in the same book, page, and sentence!”

“Well, we have just wrapped up our 6th charity event and rumor is that EVERYONE agrees it was the BEST and MOST SUCCESSFUL yet !! Registration, Qtego setup, and auction checkout was simple and stress-free for all…..due to Kayla (should be considered for sainthood!), Gail and their exceptional team! What a relief, to any organization, to have true professionals at the helm trying to situate 450 guests!

Personally, I have one regret! This year, while filling out paperwork for our event, I was asked what my goal was for the SILENT and LIVE auction! In 2015, after convincing our Board of Directors to hire Dean’s service for the auction, no one had any idea he would more than TRIPLE our previous gross revenue! This year, I was skeptical that we would see another significant increase. My one regret is that I UNDERESTIMATED the DYNAMIC, ENTERTAINING, POWERFUL and CONVINCING DEAN McCURRY!!!! There is NO DOUBT that the BEST AUCTIONEER AWARD goes to Dean McCurry!!! He is gifted with skills that creates excitement about an item then draws the crowd into a frenzied bidding war!!! He is funny, charismatic and guests WANT whatever he is showcasing! So, at the end of the evening, my goal was surpassed many times over!!!

There is absolutely no reason to plan a successful charity event without an auctioneer. There is absolutely no reason to have any other auctioneer than Dean McCurry!”

Hey Dean, The Pat Green Foundation did great, still working on final numbers. You did great and everybody was very pleased! Thank you,” -BE

“Dean and Kayla:

Thank you, for allowing me an opportunity to shadow you guys at last Friday’s event.  Dean, you were awesome!  Kayla, thank you for your patience – your team looked very professional.

You guys did a fantastic job – everything appeared to be very seamless behind the scenes.”

“This thank you is long overdue but no less heartfelt and sincere. Please accept my enormous gratitude to you and your amazing team, for helping ensure the overwhelming success of the St. John’s Episcopal School 2016 Auction: School of Rock. The auction revenues were some of the highest in our school’s auction history and we could not have done it without you.” Read more

“We raised a record amount at the event and are so grateful to you, Kayla, and your entire team!” Read more

“Thank you again for all your help, wisdom, guidance, support, and enthusiasm. We are looking forward to another fantastic auction in 2017!” Read more

“Once again, another great event. The auction went fantastic, and the support continued even after the event. Kayla continues to amaze with her efforts and quick responsiveness with all questions. Thank you!”

Your team has been such a blessing, from our first meeting. We had been through several auction services and had not been pleased with the companies and had all but given up on finding a company that would fit with our cause. After meeting with you, we knew this experience would be different, and we were right” (Click to Read More…)

“Can I just say you guys are awesome!  In the last four years that we have had an auctioneer and bidding technology, we have NEVER had as much response and help from the company as you guys have given.  It is so appreciated!!!”

“I have been involved in a local charity event, for the past four years, when I was approached to chair the auction portion. Previously, we had moderate success with donated items using the paper bid sheets. It was my belief that the event needed a fresh idea and a format that would encourage more participation. Fast forward, I hired Dean McCurry Auctioneer Services and this year’s auction tripled in revenue! Dean and his team turned a tedious undertaking into an easy, fun and profitable evening! Using the mobile web app, QTEGO, guests bid on items from their phones, never having to leave the table. There was no special equipment needed and all those that were bidding were informed of their status on the item. What a great text to receive at the end of the evening”Congratulations, you have the winning bid ! “. Donors to the auction also gave more generously as their company was acknowledged on the website. Dean is quite the entertainer and certainly promotes frenzied, competitive bidding in the audience! Check-in and Check-out is a breeze and there is a complete staff ready to answer any questions you might have. Our guests are already talking about next years event and I can promise this…I WOULD NOT plan it without Dean McCurry! It’s a no-brainer!”

Kayla handled everything from A-Z for our check-in and our silent auction (bidder numbers, bid-sheets, registration, checkout, etc.).  They got great reviews from our guests.  Dean, of course, did our live auction, heads or tails, etc.  He’s definitely one of, if not “the”, best in the business and keeps the audience involved at a high level.   A number of companies have contacted me asking for my business but I wouldn’t even consider getting a quote because I’ve been so pleased with Dean and Kayla.”

“I met Dean probably five years ago at the annual Henry House Foundation White Party that is put on by professional golfer J.J. Henry.  Dean was the auctioneer for the live auction and I remember thinking, the guy was really good. Over the last few years, I have observed Dean as the auctioneer at more and more live auctions.

There is nothing that can kill a party faster than a live auction that drags on and on.  Dean has a reputation for helping bring in more money for live auctions while keeping the momentum of the evening at a fast pace.  He has a way of convincing people to part with more of their money for a good cause, without coming across pushy or aggressive.

I consider Dean a friend and respect him as a professional, accomplished auctioneer.”

We are so glad we hired Dean McCurry and his team to manage our auction! Moving into the 21st century with the Qtego bidding system helped to create excitement for our auction this year and ultimately helped us to reach our fundraising goals. The onsite team was knowledgeable, engaging, and committed to making sure everything ran smoothly throughout the evening. Before, during, and after, Kayla was our go-to person and there for us for any questions we had!”

“I think the most telling thing I can say about Dean McCurry is that he has been doing our event since 2012-and has already been booked for next year’s event. That’ll be 4 years in a row and I know next year will not be his last with us. He brings such a professionalism and enthusiasm for his work which totally enhances the event. He connects with the crowd and I believe is able to elicit every single dollar that might be sitting out there for an auction item or appeal. He is enthusiastic-totally ‘above-board’ in all his comments and he is VERY entertaining.

He gets to know the organizations he works with and makes it very personal in his presentation. He also brings a great wealth of information about what works and doesn’t work at auctions. He has recommendations as to what packages will sell best-and if a little ‘tweak’ is needed to raise a package to something that will sell for a few thousand dollars more-he’ll tell you. This year we had absolutely nothing in our auction on consignment-every penny we earned went to our bottom line.

Dean did not ‘sell’ us anything to add to the auction, he just made some suggestions which we followed and were able to get contributions of elements to the packages that made them more marketable. He also has great suggestions for other professionals who can help on an event such as outsiders for entertainers, MC’s, etc. We have trusted him-listened to his great ideas-and it has totally added to our bottom line results.”

Kayla, she has been a godsend to us, so helpful in so so many ways. She has gone over and above what she was contracted for having to answer, I am sure, so many more emails and phone calls than she expected (I am positive she will be so glad when we get this wrapped-up). The check-in and check-out have never been so smooth which made such a difference in the bidders checking out and picking up their items. We were able to leave early from the Sunday pick-up and it only took a few hours on Monday morning to “clear” discrepancies. (last year it took until Friday). The video work she did was exactly what we needed and she “understood” Maureen and me when we didn’t understand exactly ourselves. She is GREAT!”

Dean is booked almost every week-end-sometimes for multiple events-and I can also speak to his participation in other events around Dallas. I couldn’t be more positive in my recommendation to have Dean McCurry as your auctioneer. I have chaired 4 major fundraisers in Dallas since 2000-and I have ALWAYS had Dean as the auctioneer-and he just gets better every time!”

Dean, your energy, and passion created the most successful Live Auction and Fund-A-Child ever-I didn’t think it was possible but the numbers doubled from the previous year! Your sense of humor and enthusiasm kept the crowd in their seats until the last item was sold and the last dollar spent!”

“We would like to especially recognize Kayla Aalbers for her efforts and absolute professionalism in supporting our goals throughout the process. The QTEGO text-bidding system was amazing! It made our Silent Auction very profitable and exciting as well allowed us to open the bidding several days ahead of our event. We set another record this year which was greatly attributed to your services and staff.”

Thank you for serving as our auctioneer Saturday evening. You did a very professional and enjoyable job. And though I was quietly an initial skeptic about texting the silent auction, it was fun, it was easy and a great addition to our club process.”