“Because of Qtego Bidding Technology, we’ve taken the silent auction from bid sheets on a crowded table and expanded it to the far reaches of your organization. Don’t limit yourself; Reach further with Qtego.” -Dean McCurry

Worry-Free Bidding with Qtego Mobile Bidding

Silent auction bidding from your cell phone

–No bid sheets, no expensive equipment, no misplaced items on the table

Want a worry-free event, free from the hassles of paper bid sheets, with more time to spend with your guests?

Enter Qtego mobile bidding. Silent auction events just became your favorite thing. With rock-solid technology, helpful concierge staff, and streamlined uploading, check-in, and check-out procedures, Qtego changes the game. Now, instead of the stress and headaches of pulling off a successful event, you can relax and enjoy the evening. Spend time with your guests and sponsors, advancing your cause and building relationships—thanks to Qtego’s revolutionary mobile bidding silent auction technology.
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  • Qtego allows you to recognize up to twenty sponsors with logos, a marketing benefit that adds an incremental revenue stream to your event!
  • No distance limitations opens your silent auction to your entire network.
  • Qtego will send messages to participants when they’ve been outbid, which pushes up prices faster & higher.
  • Men dislike bidding at the tables, but LOVE the competitive spirit of Qtego text bidding!
  • Qtego will notify participants of items with no bids, giving them the opportunity to score a great item at a low price, and ensure you don’t have to take home items.
  • DONATE feature allows participants to donate with confirmation of their donation, adding more options for revenue during your event.
  • HELP DESK provided to charge phones, answer questions and bid for your patrons
  • Easy registration and checkouts keep guests happy and not waiting in line- can easily send email receipt for check out with no lines

“Moving into the 21st Century with the Qtego bidding system helped to create excitement for our auction this year, & ultimately helped us to reach our fundraising goals.

The on-site team was committed to making sure everything ran smoothly throughout the evening.”

qtego mobile bidding