“60% of your revenue of your event will come from the live auction. Therefore, it’s not about how fast I can talk. It’s about engaging with the audience.” -Dean McCurry

Proven Success

Why a professional auctioneer?

At a fundraising event, your objective is to RAISE MONEY. The entertainment, catering, décor, valet parking, venue rental, etc. are all operating expenses, however, the Auctioneer is one of the key components of your event that is actually RAISING money, thus the Auctioneer can make (or break) your event. With a Professional Fundraising Auctioneer, you get what you pay for, and unfortunately the same holds true with a “free” auctioneer. Your nominal investment in Dean is returned exponentially, and often in just the first few live auction items he sells. His enthusiasm and humorous on-stage presence combined with his rapid-fire banter keeps audiences engaged and involved – resulting in sustained enthusiastic bidding.

Why choose Dean McCurry Auctioneer Services?

–Because he’s a dedicated, professional, & successful Charity Auctioneer.

  • Licensed (#16260) Professional Auctioneer* solely specializing in charities and non-profits
  • Available for auctions throughout the great state of Texas
  • Has hosted more than 500 Charity Auctions, raising more than $30 Million so far
  • Entertains while engaging the crowd during bidding
  • Conscious of the fund-raising goals of each auction and organization
  • Uses licensed and professional auctioneers as back-up
  • Uses trained spotters to entice the bidding process
  • Knowledgeable in all aspects of a successful auction: from planning to wrap-up
  • Presents seminars nationally which provide successful insights for all aspects of benefit auctions.

What sets Dean McCurry apart from the competition?

–A single-minded focus on hosting successful charity auctions.

  • Dean participates in all phases of the event making suggestions and recommendations to ensure the success of current and future auctions.
  • Dean makes a point to become knowledgeable about the goals and objectives of the organization as well as the nature and level of commitment of the particular audience.
  • While focused and aware of the significance that a successful benefit auction can have on the financial viability of an organization, Dean never loses sight of the fact that a successful benefit auction is about the attendees.  The atmosphere of the event must be about encouraging participation, showing appreciation, affirming commitment to the organization, and enjoying the evening of entertainment and celebration.

What makes Dean McCurry’s team so effective?

–Details. From planning to execution, Dean McCurry and his support team are focused on every detail to make your event spectacular. The success is in the details.

  • Structuring the event: ensuring proper scheduling and activities for audience
  • Bidding Technology: making the most of bidding service technology to make your silent auction a success
  • Finding and Booking Entertainment: singers, bands, and celebrities; we can help you find the ones that will draw your crowd
  • Presentation of Live Auction Items: we come with a PowerPoint Presentation, printouts, and advertisement, so your audience can make informed bids
  • Securing Successful Auction Items: We are associated with some of the best sports memorabilia providers, custom jewelry designers, travel agents, and entertainment & excursion providers, all tailored to your expected participants
  • Planning for the Future: after your first event, you’ll be ready for more- debrief, organize, and prepare for the future

Dean McCurry – Auction, Crab5 Gala from bPUBLIC.com on Vimeo.

*June 14, 2013, Texas Governor Rick Perry signed into law HB 3038 which regulates auctions in Texas regardless of the method of bid collection that is used.  This further clarifies the law that makes it illegal to offer auction services, negotiate a contract or execute an auction contract without a license.  The law went into effect July 5, 2013.  This includes AUCTIONS IN THE STATE OF TEXAS, LIVE OR ONLINE.

“Dean McCurry is an auctioneer who truly invests himself in your cause & works extremely hard to make your fundraising event a huge success… Dean is so engaging, very professional, and quite humorous too- he really knows how to work a room! I would absolutely recommend him for your next auction event.”